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KatsuCo Special


The First Premium Katsu franchise in Australia.

High quality food at reasonable price and variety of menu. Specialization of set Menu with less wastage A Simple fit out. Reduced risk with marketing. Consistency food

and operating under ongoing support of training program Track record of success. Repeat Customer Proven Business model 

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katsuco brsibane  history


To establish Katsuco as the first choice

family-oriented destination throughout Australia for experiencing the authentic flavours of Japanese katsu cuisine,

setting the standard as the pioneering franchise that brings together the warmth of family dining and the excellence of traditional Japanese culinary artistry. 

Katsuco Menu cheese katsu
katsuco chef


As the first franchise katsu restaurant in Australia, our mission is to offer families a unique and memorable dining experience that blends the comfort of home with the excitement of exploring authentic Japanese katsu cuisine. With a focus on quality, innovation, and warm hospitality, we aim to introduce customers to the delicious flavours and cultural richness of katsu, creating connection and joy with every meal.


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